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Search Engine Optimization

With literally billions of searches conducted every month, search engines have essentially become our gateway to the Internet.

Unfortunately getting yourself simply listed is not enough as clicks on a search engine results page are not evenly distributed amongst the results. Research has shown the higher a website is ranked by a search engine the more clicks they will receive with the top result receiving by far the largest proportion of all clicks, followed by the 2nd and so on.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

All of our websites are designed with search engine performance in mind.

We use an organic approach to ensure that each website is easy for search engines to index and that each individual page has clearly defined content.

Building websites in this way maximizes the potential of a website to appear on the first page of search results of popular search engines such as Google.

This is the first step in search engine optimization and provides a solid base on which to improve, through the use of various techniques. It is important to note at this point that an optimized design structure on its own is not sufficient to perform well in the search engines.

However, without one it would be almost impossible to consistently achieve high rankling.



Basic Traffic



per month


High Traffic



per month


Super Traffic



per month


Extreme Traffic



per month


Search Engine Submission Features

12 Monthly Re-submissions  
Monthly Reporting via Email  
Personal Control Panel  
Meta Tags Generator  
Free Customer Support  
Submit to 100 Search Engines  
Submit to Over 400 Search Engines  
Guaranteed Listing in Google  
12 Months Guaranteed Inclusion  
Personal Keywords Research  
Free Personal Account Manager  
Ranking Performance  
Link Popularity  
Website Analysis  
Competitive Analysis  
Statistical Analysis  
Optimization Instructions  

Email Marketing

Reach your audience with emails that work

All the tools you need to produce targeted email and social media campaigns quickly and easily. Use the same convenient interface you use to update your website and create powerful emails that produce results.

Fully branded emails

Fully branded emails

Responsive Design

Easy Management

Send emails completely under your own brand.

Instantly track the performance of your campaigns.

Create emails that work and look great on all platforms and devices.

Tailor your user lists to generate better results.

All the tools you need for powerful campaigns

Easy drag and drop templates

Create professional-looking and responsive emails without needing to know how to code. Our easy to use interface lets you add text, photos, links and more to emails that work across multiple platforms – from desktops to smartphones to tablets.

  • Use one of our professionally designed templates or create your own

  • Add photos and text fields with one click

  • Code view available for more advanced users

Customise and personalise email campaigns

Customise your fully branded emails for your audience completely under your own brand with personalisation available just by pointing and clicking. Or use dynamic content to target subscribers with unique content without having to create multiple emails.

  • Build a one-on-one relationship with your audience through personalisation

  • Include subscribers’ names, locations, or other information in the email

  • Change details to match subscribers’ information – from address changes to different photos

Precision testing for precision targeting

Customise and personalise email campaigns

See how your subscribers will view your email marketing campaigns with our Inbox Testing, then test titles, content, and posting times with our A/B Split Testing, giving you the data you need to produce great results.

  • Test your emails against the most popular mail programs, including Outlook and Gmail

  • Discover the ideal time to send out your campaigns

  • Test different call-to-action formats and special offers

Social media automation and applications

Keep track of your social media easily with our Facebook and Twitter integration. Promote a campaign, schedule tweets and posts, and track shares, retweets, and comments.

  • Build lists based on location, items purchased, or interests

  • Detailed reporting on both soft and hard bounces

  • Target new subscribers, regular spenders, or lapsed customers

Easy customer management

Store as little or as much information on your customers as you wish, and organise your campaigns appropriately to target those audiences. Our Email Marketing system automatically keeps your data clean of unsubscribes and bounces and helps you stay compliant with Data Protection laws.

  • Instantly post about an email campaign as soon as it is launched

  • Schedule posts to optimise views

  • Work across multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages

One-click integration with your systems

Use our one-click install plug-ins for WordPress, Salesforce, and more to effortlessly integrate your existing users into your email campaigns. Add a sign-up page, include subscriptions in your checkout, or track your customers through all their interactions with our easy to install plug-ins.

  • Easy sign-up or competition forms in WordPress

  • Convenient integration with your existing Salesforce database

  • Open API to integrate directly into your CMS or e-commerce solution

Everything you need in one place

Manage your campaigns and update your website at the same time from the same location, with no need to keep track of other websites or logins. Our convenient interface gives you all the tools you need for online success.

  • Update your website seconds before your big campaign launch

  • Use the same design and format as your website without needing to jump between systems

  • Mix and match our one-click installations with our Email Marketing options to create the perfect site

Email Marketing

Create dynamic email campaigns


for great results.

Which is best for you?

View Email Marketing Key Features

Create powerful email campaigns

Produce targeted subscriber lists, build responsive and dynamic emails, integrate your social media notifications, and track the results with our easy to use and powerful marketing system all 100% under your own brand.

Key Reatures

  • Responsive email templates

  • Real-time analytics

  • Social media integration

  • Scheduled posting

  • 100% your brand

  • Detailed customer information


Ideal for entrepreneurs building an audience or starting a business. This costing is for an un-managed package


email sends

£15.00 per month

£175 per year


Drag & drop email editor

Easy visitor sign-up forms

Real time reporting

Social media tools



Scalable platform designed for fast-growing businesses and high-volume users. This costing is for an un-managed package








email sends

£25.00 per month
£250.00 per year


email sends

£50.00 per month
£500.00 per year


email sends

£35.00 per month
£350.00 per year


email sends

£65.00 per month
£650.00 per year


All The features of BASE, plus

Inbox testing

Audience segmentation

WordPress plugin

Goal tracking

Automated emails

A/B split testing

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to the most commonly asked questions


1. Why should I submit my web site?

Submitting your URL to a number of search engines increases the odds of potential customers finding your site through traditional online searches. You can further increase your chances of being found through a search by adding relevant keywords to your home page title and text. Search engines are one of the least expensive and most successful forms of online marketing. If you're serious about reaching new visitors, submitting your site to search engines is essential.

2. Which search engines and directories do you submit to?

Our service submits to the major search engines and several hundred link pages. Each month we'll send you a detailed report via e-mail listing all the search engines, directories and links pages that your site was submitted to, so you can keep track of the submission process.

3. When will I see my site listed on search engine sites?

After successfully submitting your web site to a search engine or directory, it's up to those organizations to list your site. Most search engines will send a "spider" to your site within a few weeks of submission. The spider will read and index your web site and schedule your site to be listed. It usually takes 6-8 weeks before your site appears on major search engines.

4. Do I need Meta tags?

Yes. If your site doesn't have Meta tags, you're missing potential traffic. A web site without Meta tags is tough for a search engine to place correctly.

5. Other companies submit to 2,000 search engines. Why do you only submit to 400?

We've seen these offers, too. How many search engines do you go to when you're looking for something on the Internet? Submission companies that offer 2,000 submissions are simply sending your web site to small niche directories. These pages may no longer exist and in many cases were set up to collect e-mail addresses to use or sell. Be careful if you're using one of these submission services. In the web site promotion game, quality wins over quantity.