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home-user services | pc health check

Home Users

Offering a vast level of services to your home door!

Home users have a different set of requirements to our business customers. The variety can be staggering. Winchester Web Works offer computer and networking services to the home and business sectors. Our service includes help with laptop repair, computer repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting and general help across a wide variety of IT systems. Repair services can be performed on-site, call-out in home or at your business location in Hampshire.

If your computer or laptop is not booting up, or just getting very slow? No matter what the issue we can provide you with the proper solution!

Home User Services, including a scheduled yearly computer health check.

  • Laptop Repairs, including broken screens

  • Computer System Repairs

  • Data Recovery

  • Virus Removal

  • Full System Restore

Most computer and Laptop problems are down to the user. Like your car you have it serviced, computers are just the same, that's if you want to achieve a good life span for you home computer.

Computer Health Check Required !
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Other Services

Remote Support & Analyses

Winchester Web works can connect to you computer or laptop hassle free and access you problems.
First 20 minutes FREE,whilst we Analyze your computer.

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Virus & Mal-ware Removal

If you detect or suspect a virus or malware on your computer We are experts at properly removing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your files.

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Full System OS Restore

If your computer or laptop is not booting up at all or just getting very slow & tired. It sounds like time to re-install the operating system that allows you to work.

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Data Recovery & Backup

Computer or laptop not switching on, water damaged or your external HD won't load? We have a many recovery options depending on HD state, all options are affordable.

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Screen Repair

If you have had an accident with your laptop screen: sat on it, hit it, who knows. We have heard lots of great stories.
We have the tools to repair any make of laptop.

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Laptop Repairs

Laptops never breakdown at a convenient time. We can repair and return your laptop as soon as possible, or professional help to diagnose hardware software problems!

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Computer Repairs

Doesn't it seem like your computer always needs repair at the worst times? We can fix all computer problem eithr on-site or off. Speak to us can get for guarenteed results!

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Hardware Upgrades

Most the time computer are slow is due to lack of RAM. We can supply and install all hardware to your computer systerm or laptop.

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Are You Pulling Your Hair Out ?

Can you make a cup of tea in the time it takes to switch your computer on?

  • Is your PC running slow or stuttering when it is switched on?

  • Is it getting noisier, is the hard drive making a clicking or grinding noise?

  • Is it FREEZING, an then the blue screens of DEATH?

  • Are you get getting pop ups whilst on the Internet?

  • Do you suspect a virus,?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then read on!

Computer systems are very much like a car, if you don't service them they will stop working!

Winchester Web Works Computer Health Check will help to keep computer running at optimum level. It is recommended to have a health check service once a year to ensure your computer is running as cleanly as it should be.

Computer systems can become clogged due to the constant installation of programs, Internet browsing and general day to day use. The manner in which computers work, it is always a side effect that they will stop performing with the same speed and performance it did when it was new.

Avoid unnecessary stress, Don't let this happen!

Contact Winchester Web Works to avoid any destructive problems with you family home computer.

  • Home User Computer Support......If you home pc has a problem!
  • Does it need a......HEALTH CHECK
  • Or have you cracked......your laptop screen?
  • Maybe you have a VIRUS......This could be serious!
  • Not a problem.....Your computer is like a car, if you dont service it!
  • will break dowm!... Then a full system restore is likely!
  • Remote support and analyses......Is alway the first steps.
  • In addition we offer:Data recovery and Backup
  • In addition we offer:Hardware Upgrades
  • html slider...with your SLOW computer
  • Contact the professionals..... For guaranteed results!
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Every computer and laptop requires regular maintenance to help prevent system crashes and keep it running at its best of it's ability.

Our Computer or Laptop Health Check Includes:

  • Remove Ad-ware, Spy-ware and Viruses

  • Update computer Internet Security

  • Remove Windows Temporary files

  • Repair Windows File Structure

  • Remove Internet Cashed files and Cookies

  • Remove programs no longer required

  • Clean up Windows Registry errors

  • De-fragment Hard Drives to improve file access speed

  • Upgrade Operating System

  • Optimize Windows Start up Environment

  • Clean Temporary and Internet Folders

  • Clean all fans and heat-sinks to reduce heat

  • Hardware tests